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sven fancy
online edition
I think I might give up on this keeping an LJ thing. All I use it for anymore is posting on communities and randomly replying to friend's journals. I guess this just isn't my thing.

I wish things would turn out better for everyone.

In other news... ...I forgot what I was going to post here. I'm just... telling everyone I'm still alive, I guess.

☻: indifferent indifferent

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edit: it's nobody's fault, don't worry. i'm just frustrated with lots of things. :)

☻: grumpy grumpy

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Why am I so restless and depressed these days?

☻: restless restless
♫: my computer humming. woo.

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I've got the hots for Sven. Did anyone not see this coming?

Also, I've been feeling like shit lately. Bleh. Not sick feeling like shit, just.... egh.

☻: depressed depressed

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I feel like I'm getting bored of everything.

I wonder why. :/

☻: gloomy gloomy

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y helo thar

☻: dorky dorky
♫: buttsechs?

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Arienai subbed episode one of Sugar Sugar Rune... I've been interested in that for a while. However, they used h.264, which my computer cannot handle. Woe.

Go figure. :(

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☻: disappointed loel.

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I feel like doing something evil.

☻: devious devious
♫: Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away

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All this hullabaloo about the new HP movie made me realize something -- I've never seen any of them before, despite being a fan of the books.


☻: drained drained

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...i am going to be 17 on wednesday. the realization suddenly hit me.

i mean whoo presents has been on my greedy little mind for a while but... whoa, 17.

and i don't even act like half of it.

☻: drained drained

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