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hay guys im not dead


After returning home from the mental hospital, I decided to distance myself a bit from LJ and such. Sorry. :x I'm still around, I just don't post/comment much. Business as usual, no?

And no, I'm not going to say "omg more later" because I usually don't post more later. I guess most of my thoughts stay bottled up in my mind, and by the time I think about writing them down, I just can't get it down right. But then I'm all "wait this is just a journal not a novel" and get all weird again.

...and shit, I have no halloween costume still. what's something fun and easy, guys? :O

EDIT: so now lj's all "hay your password is too easy". and then I think "hm it might be" and think of my LJ password... and realize I can't remember it. lol @ always logged in
sven in bathrobe

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k back

(and early, too)


It was over a fight I had with my mom, which had come from the school issues I have been having for a while. I think I just needed the time to work things out, I feel better and all. :)
sven in bathrobe

new egg, trick or treat meme round 1

This egg hatches on October 1, 2005! Adopt one today!

I'm going to school again, even if I feel there's not much of a point to going. When I arrived, the parking lot and sidewalk were covered with worms, and it smelled like... fish/lake or whatever that nasty smell was. D:

Also, I'm going to split this meme up based on what community/fandom/whatever I know/met people in.

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I think I'm going to take a nap now, and play some Deus Ex. (I am addicted hahaha :()
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I feel better now. I think I had some sort of reaction to the new medicine I was taking and it caused me to make friends with my trash can. Now we hate eachother again, so everything is normal.

I think.
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