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sven fancy

online edition

a fangirl
23 November
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Maes Hughes is in my pants love
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Jean Havoc is cancer on legs love
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Farman is Brock's lovechild love
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The Hughes family is indestructable love
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Manga Hughes is in ur base, killing ur doods love
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User Number: 2992060
Date Created:2004-04-29
Number of Posts: 191

Treesock is a rabid Hughes fangirl. Don't worry, she doesn't bite!
Strengths: Incurable (mostly) optimism, sense of humor.
Weaknesses: Somewhat intolerant, greedy, bitchy at times.
Special Skills: Hughes Sense, Bargain Hunter.
Weapons: Bad breath, sarcasm, hugs, and pictures of Hughes.
Favorite Things Other than Hughes: Summertime and its beauty, Cedar Point, computers, video games.

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lol 4chan

Nothing like a nice cup of fandom hate. ♥
#finalfight, 2x2=shinobuden, 4chan, acidman, akamaru, akino arai, alternate universes, anime, anime music, anonymity, anonymous, anti-angst, arisa, arisa glennorth, asdfghjkl, asperger's syndrome, aus, being rather bitchy, black cat, blaming the internet, bleach, blue skies, braids is kinda hot, cedar point, colors, computers, crazy stuff, death note, disgaea, elysia hughes, excel, excel saga, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, flcl, fm_alchemist sucks, fruity scientist guy, fuck the fucking fuckers, fun, game music, glacier hughes, gunbound, half-naked hughes, half-naked sven, hating envy, hk-47, hojo, homestar runner, homsar, how troublesome, hughes, huuuuuughes, ice cream, ichigo, il palazzo, internet, irc, iruka, jinrai, jinrai shirogane, jiraiya, jolee, kakashi, katamari damacy, katase shima, keiji fujiwara, keroro gunso, kiba, kon, kotor, l, last exile, laughing, lightheartedness, lol, lol internet, long distance friendships, love, loving hughes, lyrics, maes hughes, magic: the gathering, manga, maria ross, mass naked child events, memes, memetics, metal gear solid, midori no hibi, moran shetland, mtg, mullin shetland, music, myself, naruto, no more angst, omgwtf, onsokumaru, otacon, outlaw star, paranoia agent, parody, phantasy star, phantasy star online, pretty face, procrastination, pyoko.org, ragnarok online, range murata, real time strategy, roleplaying, rpgs, sex with hughes, sgt. frog, shikamaru, shinigami, shipon, shounen bat, sleep, star wars, starcraft, stellvia of the universe, strategy games, strong bad, summer, sven vollfied, tactical rpgs, teen girl squad, the back horn, the color blue, the pillows, traveling, trippy music, uchuu no stellvia, unglued, unhinged, urahara, urahara kisuke, vanships, video games, warcraft, wryyyyyy, wtf, yoko kanno, you (just kidding), zomg, マース・ヒューズ falsifying statistics